The Race between Rats or Sheep, whichever you prefer

As I recently turned the pivotal age of 25, I zoomed out and took a look at society from space. What I saw has the potential to be a beautiful paradise or rugged and confining cell.
“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” Bob Marley.
There is a growing misconception among American citizens, one that emphasizes a location-locked life where truly dope ass experiences are put on the back burner or as most people put it “This isn’t a good time, let’s do it next year…”
As I conclude my concise article, following the theme of Simplicity>Bullshit, it is damn near mandatory that you zoom out and look at your life from space. What do you really spend your time doing? Break down each hour of every day…what are you thinking about, who are you with, how are you feeling, what are you working towards?
The debunking of America’s 9 to 5 mentality simply lies in your answers to those questions, but don’t rely on anyone to do this for you, the system doesn’t support Free-thinkers like yourself.

Create & Be Real,


Woke up in a shitty mood thanks to your current bubble? Listening to a 25 year old just to much to ask of yourself? Don’t worry, I get it!
Then take it from Mr.Chaplin : )

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