Learning to Tie Your Shoe & Enjoy the Moment

“Goodbye keeps us young, Dwelling on the past propels us into the future, into aging, into decrepitude (dope word*), and pain and bitterness and blame and complaining.” -James Altucher.

The ‘what ifs’, ‘I wish thats’ and ‘only ifs’ of your past are downright thieves. They creep into your mind and steal the piece of yourself that was supposed to be fully engaged in the beautiful unknown that the present moment continuously offers.

Coming to grips with your past is a learned skill unique to each of its owners. It isn’t a course that every person is taught in high school, nor do they sell its magic formula on an infomercial (wouldn’t doubt it, I just have yet to see one.) Accepting your past for what it was is a tall order that requires making the mistake of losing your present moment multiple times..think of it like learning to tie your shoe as a kid. The only way you perfected your personal knot is by your shoe coming untied over and over again. Until finally the changes you made in how it was tied perfected your knot so you were able to roam around the playground, worryless about your damn shoestrings and focused on the moment at hand.

While I may not have yet perfected the knot of my past, I have tied in a way that allows me to not think twice about it once it is complete. I am now enthusiastically enjoying this one of a kind present moment. I encourage you to do the same : )

Create & Be Real fellow Earthlings,


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