Why Parents need to actually THINK before telling their kids to ‘Get a job, now!’

Ever been the victim of a one-sided rant that begins & ends with you being told by an elder/parent to ‘get a job, right now! I don’t care, go get a job!..blah blah blah’

While I can empathize with the true intentions of the ranter are (hopefully) looking out for your best interest, their advice is shit. Since when does an unsupported claim that just so happens to be slapped across your face have any sort of credibility? Next time mom gets on her high-horse and rides you about needing to get a job immediately, ask her one simple question, “What job should I get?”

Posing this question will begin to crack open the door of logical thinking and a real, valuable 2 way street conversation is now a possibility (but not a guarantee!)

If whoever the ranter is feels the responsibility to tell you how to spend the majority of your life (by getting a J.O.B) this entails not only where you’ll be living, but also what you’ll be forced to do, who you’ll be allowed to spend time with & how much money you’re going to make(all of the consequences of having a typical 9-5 job.) They better have a great fucking idea of what the Job is that they’re so adamant about you getting!

Always question brief claims, start with a simple & non-confrontational ‘Why?’

I would love to hear stories about personal experiences you’ve had that relate to this topic!

Stay strong my fellow LifeStylers.

Create & BeReal,